How I was Able to Get an ABN Within an Hour

It is such a frustrating task when you’re applying for an abn number, but it can be made easy by giving your work to a third party, by making a small payment, which will make your work easier and a lot better. Australian business number, which is issued based on your details submitted in the Australian business register, and your Australian company number. These abn numbers are unique and never to be confused with that of the Australian company number, though the abn is based on the unique company number issued to every registered company, abn appends an extra two digits for identification of the Australian taxation office (ato) , and it better identifies your business entity during various situations such as a business transaction with other company, government tenders, bank finances for business development, during taxation filings, for avoiding the PAYG taxes, to get the GST credits etc. so now I know that you are planning to get a abn number  for your business entity if you hadn’t one, but are you

wondering how I was able to get an abn within an hour??

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The secret of a stress free abn registration

Well, to tell you the secret of a stress free registration is simple and as I had mentioned it earlier, let your job done by third party, or get assistance from an expert in taxation and registration field, I went through the business registration and abn process by applying through the website at just $45, and you can get your money refunded if you did not receive the abn number, and their team of experts make it so simpler and I was just relived to get my work done in such a simple manner, which I expected it to be other way. Leaving behind your worries, to the better team can fetch you guaranteed results within 24 hours, though the drawback is that you need to an amount to get the job done, and fill a form within 60 seconds, and need to wait for assistance, but its worth the waiting time, when it can easily fetch you an ATO abn.

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ATO is another way of getting an abn

There are also other ways to help you in getting an abn, which involves filling a form through the ATO, first when I tried that it took me about an hour and a half and I was waiting on the phone for about 20-30 min for a government official to help, found it very stressful and not effective, not only that I had waited for more than half an hour, later they notified me that it will take them about 4-5 weeks to process my application, what a mess!  The other method is to fill a from Physically through the Australian business register, which is no different and had a long process to complete the registration, or either gets rejected due to some fault, then I decided that 3rd party service  could help me do the work faster and better, just as I had said above, if you have the money, better to say “a little money” to spend, then well, make it easier by letting the professionals and taxation experts do the work for you!

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